Monster Mini Golf – Medford

This course is amazing, even in the dark! You'll be mesmerized by the colors.

I have never been a big fan of indoor mini golf. It’s sort of like taking any outdoor sport indoors and calling it the same thing. This is why, as a Yankees fan, I hate it when we have to visit Tampa Bay or Toronto – it just feels inclosed and dark – baseball was meant for sunny days and bright lights under a star-filled sky. In the same way do I feel for mini golf — it just feels weird sometimes inside on a field that never sees itself baked by the sun or warped by past storms – it just adds to the unique features of every park. This is how I thought until Saturday when Kelly and I visited Monster Mini Golf in Medford, Long Island… and the opinions have changed. Read the rest of this entry


County Fair Amusement Park

The mini houses were too much to pass up for Scott.

I have to say, in my experience, mini golf courses that focused ONLY on mini golf tend to not do so well. But the same goes for multitaskers, sometimes they’re too focused on getting everything that it makes, well, everything kind of suck. County Fair makes sure to not follow the pattern – a collection of go-karts, batting cages, games, food, and two mini golf courses are enough to keep a crowd entertained for hours upon hours without stepping foot outside of the park.

The Courses

Like a lot of courses, County Fair features two mini golf courses – numbered only 1 and 2. Of course, it seems to be human nature to just take to course one and give it a go. Kelly and I took it over to course two our first time… and then skipped hole 18 to go to course one. Both courses offer the same difficulty, which is only moderate. Some of the course’s holes are on 45 degree inclines, making it nearly impossible to get it in for a simple par. Is it fun? Oh, hell yeah. Lots of obstacles, although mostly hills, a wonderful scenery, and lots of places to relax if the crowd ahead of you is taking their time. Read the rest of this entry

Eisenhower Park Mini Golf Course

The prices at Eisenhower leave a lot to be desired, but the course is pretty fun.

Eisenhower Park is located in the middle of Nassau County — the county’s equivelant to, say, New York City’s Central Park. While the park comes no where close to matching the beauty and escapism that Central Park offers the urban community, Eisenhower comes with it’s own perks including a public pool, open fields for baseball, batting cages, a full golf course, an open-air concert hall and, of course, a mini golf course.

The Courses

Eisenhower offers two courses for your putting pleasure: Mountainside and Overlook. Both have their own hard-to-putt holes as well as the eaiser two-putt shots.

Mountainside starts off rather easy, with several par 2s in the beginning. While they are hills, bumps, and curves to guide the ball around, there are no other unique features or obstacles to fight with as you go along. The closest Mountainside even gets is using a waterfall as a course-dividing river and a few “lakes” to putt around. If you take it easy around the course, you should be fine without hitting the water. More of the same can be expected with Overlook, although the course starts the players high up on the “mountain” in the middle of the course. Read the rest of this entry

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